A world of nose jobs and tummy tucks

Trends in cosmetic procedures may vary globally depending on ethnic preferences, but the fundamentals of health and beauty are universal

Procrastination to consultation

Increasing numbers of women are choosing facial fillers for a subtle, effective way to refresh their look and enhance their natural beauty

Fillers as well as fillings and crowns

Improved technology and materials, alongside growing demand for treatments including Botox and fillers, are revolutionising the dental practice

New face of cosmetic surgery

Doctors Performing Surgery

The cosmetic procedures industry has continued to grow despite being rocked by criticism over its lack of regulation, writes Vicky Eldridge

Is your practitioner qualified?

One of the best ways to safeguard yourself is finding a practitioner who is experienced and properly trained in the procedures they are performing. But what qualifications should you be looking for? Leah Hardy reports

Sparing the knife to face the needle

No-Knife Treatments

The advent of minimally invasive, low-downtime, no-knife treatments has been a driving force behind the growth of the aesthetics market. Vicky Eldridge examines the latest treatment trends

Get injectables at safe clinics

Advances in non-surgical treatments, such as Botox and fillers, have led to a surge in demand. But, as Leah Hardy reports, this has also created problems

Pressure to look younger lifts skincare market

There is a natural synergy between skin-rejuvenating dermatology and anti-ageing skincare, writes Vicky Eldridge