5 tips to improve your game

Golf is very similar to Formula 1 motor racing in terms of technological advancements. You buy a gizmo one day and a month later it’s outdated. But Tim Southwell has discovered five pieces of golf technology that will still be delivering enjoyment and improvements to your game for years to come

10 trends in the internet of things

From in-vivo sensors to the rise of China, Charles Orton-Jones spots ten trends and applications making the internet of things (IoT) arguably the world’s most exciting technology

Can we handle the data?

The growth of the internet of things relies on interoperability. Not only is it a necessity, but it is needed on a massive scale, says Suke Jawanda, chief marketing officer of Bluetooth Special Interest Group

Signals can get traffic out of jam

Transport for Greater Manchester is using big data to help ease traffic congestion and commuting woes, as Jonathan Weinberg reports