Make way for knobbly kneed ID

Knees and ears are perhaps unlikely measures of identity, but they could soon rival fingerprints as personal identification. Rawlson King reports

The workplace just got smarter as business wakes up

Biometrics is being adopted by more organisations as the resulting cost benefits and improved security make business sense, writes Wendy Atkins

Using your body as a security shield to safeguard data

Passwords are failing to protect our personal information. New approaches use elements unique to our individual bodies and could revolutionise how we all approach security, as Dave Howell reports

Blame bad policy not the technology

Uptake of biometrics in the public sector is increasing despite concern over infringement of privacy and civil liberties, writes Adam Vrankulj

Striving to do the right thing

Facial and fingerprint biometrics are likely to lead the way, but iris, voice and multi-modal technologies are expected to grow rapidly, says Isabelle Moeller, chief executive of the Biometrics Institute

Future of biometrics is in hand

Your personal information is moving to the cloud and reports of security breaches are increasing – so things will have to change, writes Dave Howell

Thinking of a future when science fiction becomes fact

From corporate electronic currencies, loyalty points and biometric finger vein scanners, payment methods are changing shape, as Stephen Armstrong discovers

Paying: but not as we know it

Stephen Armstrong delves into a futuristic world of mobile phones in the form of jewellery, biometrics and cryptocurrencies