Reviewing biometric privacy concerns

Privacy concers with Biometrics

Concern over the privacy implications of surrendering personal biometric data may be largely misplaced, but its security is paramount if consumers are to adopt the technology fully

Building the business case for biometrics

Building the business case for biometrics

Increased business productivity can be achieved through the use of biometric technologies, says Rawlson O’Neil King, contributing editor at

Scanning eyes, ears, heart and even scent

Measuring eyes, ears heart and even scent

The number of possible biometric checks on identity is growing as research develops new and sometimes surprising ways of distinguishing particular aspects of physiology

A home that knows you

Finger Print scan

Some applications are still in their infancy, but biometrics used in smart tech buildings is coming of age

Fingerprint market set for massive expansion


When Apple introduced the iPhone with fingerprint identification in 2013, fingerprint sensors went from being an “interesting” technology to a “must-have” overnight. Finally the industry is ready for the massive growth long expected. Among the big players is Norwegian company NEXT Biometrics

Improving security and keeping travellers happy


Biometric solutions to processing the growing number of international air travellers, ensuring secure identity management and improving customer experience, are at the heart of Vision-Box

Packaging saves lives

Packaging saves lives

Smart packaging can help patients take correct and regular doses of medicines, avoiding complications, even death, as well as costly waste, writes Celestine Cheong

Oldest ‘new’ technology is science of the future

Biometrics looks set to replace paper-based identity systems as the technology of recording personal characteristics or traits advances, writes Guy Clapperton