Singapore: a testbed for biometric payments

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A multitude of factors are fuelling Singapore’s appetite for biometric payments, but what does the future hold?

Biometric payments: convenient or creepy?

Biometric identity checks could hold the key to countering fraud and offer a more convenient way of paying, but obstacles may stand in the way of widespread adoption

The internet of things is revolutionising deep mining

Mine worker with head torch

Developments enabled by the internet of things are saving lives in high-risk industries such as mining

Biometric banking: smile if you want your chicken

Future of Payments special report Raconteur Biometrics

Metrics related to human characteristics to authenticate identity and payment may take a little more time to measure up to expectations

The end of passwords?

The end of passwords

Passwords have been the de facto identity authentication standard for years. But as a string of high-profile data breaches has proven, passwords can be problematic for companies and consumers. Is biometrics the answer?

Countering cyber criminals with Biometrics

Countering cyber criminals with Biometrics

The growth in online banking and electronic payments has made it easier for criminals to target banks and their customers – and is prompting the financial services sector to invest in new security measures

A biometric armoury for national security

A biometric armoury for national security

Biometric technologies offer a new line of national defence against terrorism, illegal immigration and cyber crime, but take-up so far is patchy

Biometrics gets to work as public fears subside

Biometrics is being put to work as public fears subside

After a relatively slow start, practical applications of biometrics are growing in popularity as take-up in the private and public sectors gathers pace in parts of the UK