Facial recognition continues to divide opinion

The progression towards using facial recognition for payment systems may seem inevitable, but it is raising concerns

Singapore: a testbed for biometric payments

aerial view Fountain of wealth Singapore

A multitude of factors are fuelling Singapore’s appetite for biometric payments, but what does the future hold?

Biometric payments: convenient or creepy?

Biometric identity checks could hold the key to countering fraud and offer a more convenient way of paying, but obstacles may stand in the way of widespread adoption

Microchip implants: would you like this chip in your vein or your brain?

microchip on finger

There is plenty of potential for microchip implants to improve our lives, but how does this compare to the questions and complications around the controversial idea?

Williams F1 team uses behaviour intelligence technology to get ahead

Formula 1 car on track

Graeme Hackland, chief information officer of Williams Martini Racing, tells how user behaviour intelligence technology is helping to propel the team’s Formula 1 car

Smart guns could cut US deaths

Holding a smart gun

Are smart firearms the answer to the increasingly desperate tragedy of gun-related deaths in the United States?

Tech beating phone churn

Network providers and mobile phone companies are developing technology which is encouraging users not to switch, writes Nic Fildes