Five tech solutions to global problems

Technology is helping to address deep social issues worldwide, benefiting some of the most vulnerable in society

Connectivity and data are carmakers’ tools of choice

Closed-loop manufacturing, which enables continuous data flows shared seamlessly throughout departments, creates a virtuous cycle, resulting in faster product improvements

Health meets wealth: tech giants break into healthcare

Technology has the potential to speed up critical diagnoses and enable large-scale analysis of patient data, saving lives and improving outcomes

Charting the preventative economy

Digital mapping illustration

The Science of Where is solving new problems every week, from insurance risk to tracking the Zika virus

How data could save the high street

IIoT connected technology illustration

The best way to compete with online retailers is to act like them

Finding love in cyberspace

aerial view of couple with coffees

The potential for machines to find a true love match is enough to make 21st-century online daters’ hearts flutter

Digital innovation is breathing new life into the NHS

Doctor lanyard and stethoscope

Digital innovation is enabling the National Health Service to reinvent itself, reduce costs and boost patient care

Can computer algorithms select the best candidate?

Person in a dark room on a laptop

What are the pros and cons of taking the human element out of recruitment, and how successful has this been in using computers to recruit a more diverse workforce?