From field to fork in 2030

As awareness of climate change and waste grows, the way we produce and consume food has to change, and new technology could be the answer

The secret superheroes of food shopping

Colin Elkins, global industry director for process manufacturing at IFS explains how many of the smart systems and processes just emerging in the food production supply chain have been part and parcel of factory practice for years

Brewing the future: water efficiency in beer making

Beer-to-water ratios, eliminating second rinses and steam recapture, are now common parlance among brewery managers more used to talking about mash tubs and fermentation vessels

Feeding the growth of the food and beverage industry

The UK food and drink industry faces challenges that will reshape the future of a sector which is fundamental to the economy

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Wider choice, better quality and home delivery are transforming the dining experience for customers in restaurants, at home and even in the office

The delicious challenge of health foods

Many brands are saturating the so-called “wellness” market in the UK, but to succeed the product has to taste as good as it is for you and go down well on social media

Tech is wrapping up food and drink

Innovations in the materials now being used and digital technology, partly driven by environmental concerns, are pushing packaging forward

Sweet success in bid to cut sugary drinks

Major manufacturers are reducing the amount of sugar in soft drinks ahead of the government’s sugar tax, although sticky problems remain