Focusing on project goals can score for the whole team

Effective project management can not only achieve focused objectives, but can also result in wider and longer-term benefits for an organisation as a whole, writes Chris Johnston

Fighting back and returning to work

People living with HIV may find themselves out of work and with few prospects of getting a job, writes Rowenna Davis

There’s more to pay than just wages

Flexible benefits schemes offer a range of “extras” which can retain and lure top staff, as Pádraig Floyd reports

Engaging staff is good for wellbeing and bottom line

Evidence is mounting that businesses with strong staff engagement succeed and make bigger profits, as Debbie Lovewell reports

Taking care of the money when sickness strikes

Medical cover can be a valuable addition to an employment package, and helps keep the workforce fit and healthy, writes Sam Barrett

Healthcare at breaking point

Musculoskeletal conditions – the term for more than 200 illnesses affecting the bones and joints, such as arthritis, lower back pain and osteoporosis – threaten to stretch the NHS to breaking point, writes Lilian Anekwe

From fish and chips to ring mains

There are advantages in training apprentices in the particular style and ethos of a company, writes Janet Murray who examines a range of schemes

Paying a high price for ageing

With an ageing population and too few people saving enough for their retirement, Britain faces a widening pensions’ gap and pensioner poverty, as Pádraig Floyd reports