Brexit casts a shadow of uncertainty over UK aviation

airport lounge with British airways plane visible through window Brexit

Britain’s exit from the European Union remains up in the air as negotiations seem to have stalled, but the business travel sector is optimistic despite fears of cumbersome new impositions

Data analysis is keeping planes flying

Asset management airlines

With large sums involved, getting the most from aircraft assets is make or break for airlines

Transforming the efficiency of business aviation payments

Magnus Henriksson, global business director at PayNode

Magnus Henriksson, global business director at PayNode, the world’s first payment platform for business aviation and the latest innovation from the Avinode Group, considers how new technologies will improve the pain points in the industry’s payment flow

The evolution of the jet

Najeeb Halaby Testing New Lockheed Jetstar

It’s been a long-haul trip of engineering and design innovation, but where is the evolution of the business jet heading?

Impact of snap UK general election & Brexit on the aviation industry

Aviation for Business illustration

The triggering of Article 50 and shock general election announcement are eliciting a mixed response from the air transport sector

Fly by drone to beat traffic jams

German drone manufacturer e-volo flew the first manned certified multicopter, the Volocopter VC200, in March last year

Governments, safety regulators, air traffic authorities and technology breakthroughs will determine the global trajectory of flying taxis as the take-off of the first air cab service approaches this summer

Private jets: business flyers take control


As more private jet operators take to the skies, their customers are increasingly spoilt for choice and are demanding top-quality service

‘Flying in a chartered aircraft has nothing to do with fat-cat luxury – it’s about time efficiency, not simply cost’


We live in an age of increasing urgency and complexity. Significant business decisions are made in the blink of an eye. An error of judgment can cost major contracts, risking thousands of jobs or millions in tax liabilities