Add value with asset management

Effective asset management can add value to a company at a time when resources are under growing pressure, writes James Dean

‘Politicians are bad for wealth’

The well-off must re-engage with politics to defend against onslaughts from professional politicians, says private asset management expert James Anderson, founder of thewealthnet

Gnomes still giants in banking world

Despite the financial crash and tougher regulation targeting tax havens, Swiss bankers believe quality service will keep their industry strong, writes Haig Simonian

Assessing risks should be standard

Asset management includes managing risks and, as James Dean reports, work is in progress to better define best practice

Technology is such a valuable asset

Developments in technology are aiding companies to keep track of physical assets and put them to more efficient use, writes Chris Johnston

Renew assets to plug energy gap

Sustainable energy is an asset of national and strategic importance, which must be managed to balance supply and demand, as Olivia Gagan reports

Investing in UK’s future

Strong asset management of utilities networks is required to replace ageing infrastructure while maintaining services, writes Olivia Gagan

Setting a good standard

John Woodhouse, Experts Panel chairman at the Institute of Asset Management and TWPL managing director, says raising standards is pushing up performance