Fitter, happier & healthier: How Kiqplan is making wearables work for you


Want to look great this summer? Need to tone the torso or stay healthy during pregnancy? Get more out of your wearable by using a new training app designed around real-life goals

It’s real-time tech treasury operation

Chris Skinner

How are banks responding to increasingly complex relationships with global corporations and their demands for better financial support? Through technology of course

Apps are key for patient health

Smartphone apps are key for patient health

Patients are set to become active players in a technology revolution which could improve their health and revive the NHS

Digital set to drive UK economic growth

Digital set to drive UK economic growth

Powered by the internet, digital technology has transformed the world economy and positioned the UK at the forefront of its future development

Law is going mobile

Mobile technology and lawyers

The legal profession is largely adopting mobile technology, but problems remain for lawyers on the move

Banks behind on customer experience

It's time to catch up with technology

There is no other sector in such need of a customer experience overhaul as financial services

No sign of ‘Uber Banking’

Chris Skinner

The smartphone revolution has radically restructured every industry from booking a trip (TripAdvisor), a room (Airbnb) or a taxi (Uber), but where’s the Uber of banking? There isn’t one yet and consumers will soon defect to new players unless high street banks wake up, says Chris Skinner, chairman of the Financial Services Club

Harnessing tech to plan retirement

Compared with some elements of running a pension scheme, such as communications or investment strategy, administration may seem rather dull. But it actually represents the beating heart of every scheme – and pensions technology is catching up with this reality.