Self-service healthcare now possible with mobile technology

The ubiquitous smartphone, leading the way for mobile technology, is on the cusp of transforming healthcare by increasingly involving patients in the self-management of their conditions

Top 5 heart health apps

With GPs themselves now prompting patients to use m-health apps, Danny Buckland lists his top five to keep your heart healthy – easily

Top tools for project managers

Project managers are inundated with software systems, apps and add-ons to make their lives easier

The next wave of retailers

Many different and inventive ways of selling are queueing up, hoping to be first in line to cash in at the retailer’s till

It’s mobile, not holograms


Cutting-edge technology such as holograms and augmented reality are on the fringe of mainstream events, but have yet to make a major breakthrough as organisers prefer to go mobile

Leading event app provider now in UK


DoubleDutch, a US-based event app provider, recently opened up shop in London. Luke Glen, who runs DoubleDutch UK, explains why event apps matter and how to get the most out of your app

Creating apps without coding skills

Building apps without coding skills

Cloud-based drag-and-drop app building tools are described as digital LEGO, but what business benefits do they offer?

A health app a day keeps the doctor away

A health app a day keeps the doctor away

Consumerisation of medical devices not only provides individuals with at-home health monitoring, it also encourages healthy lifestyles and keeps people out of hospital