High-tech pension solutions to help you save more

Smart tech systems are increasingly breaking down barriers between retirees and advisers, helping pensioners find financial mobility

Mobile technology to improve your business

The second instalment in our series, Raconteur Guides for Business, explores the business benefits of mobile technology. With the ever-expanding capabilities of mobile devices, enterprises stand to gain from mobile as a primary driver of efficiency

Self-service healthcare now possible with mobile technology

The ubiquitous smartphone, leading the way for mobile technology, is on the cusp of transforming healthcare by increasingly involving patients in the self-management of their conditions

Top 5 heart health apps

With GPs themselves now prompting patients to use m-health apps, Danny Buckland lists his top five to keep your heart healthy – easily

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Project managers are inundated with software systems, apps and add-ons to make their lives easier

The next wave of retailers

Many different and inventive ways of selling are queueing up, hoping to be first in line to cash in at the retailer’s till

It’s mobile, not holograms


Cutting-edge technology such as holograms and augmented reality are on the fringe of mainstream events, but have yet to make a major breakthrough as organisers prefer to go mobile

Leading event app provider now in UK


DoubleDutch, a US-based event app provider, recently opened up shop in London. Luke Glen, who runs DoubleDutch UK, explains why event apps matter and how to get the most out of your app