We’re living much longer, but are we healthier?

Increases in life expectancy will put unprecedented pressure on our healthcare systems. Exploring the science of ageing and our understanding of co-morbidities will be crucial in tackling this ‘longevity trap’

Over 50s market prefers ‘enhancement’ to anti-ageing

The powerful and positive desire of the expanding 50-plus demographic to look good at any age is forcing the beauty industry to listen and respond

Cosmetic procedures are the new make-up

Demand for non-surgical cosmetic procedures is on the increase, but protection against rogue practitioners and regulation of the sector are slow in coming

A world of nose jobs and tummy tucks

Trends in cosmetic procedures may vary globally depending on ethnic preferences, but the fundamentals of health and beauty are universal

Fillers as well as fillings and crowns

Improved technology and materials, alongside growing demand for treatments including Botox and fillers, are revolutionising the dental practice

Changing face of UK skincare

Skincare is big business and getting bigger as women – young and old – seek products to help them achieve perfect-looking skin

Wonder at the science behind amazing skin

Science has developed ways of protecting and nurturing our skin to defy the appearance of age

Creams and lotions get lift from the needle

Injectable fillers are revolutionising the beauty market, prompting alternative at-home topical skincare treatments to improve facial volume and structure