Seven stages of predictive analytics implementation

Predictive analytics is a data-driven tool which helps companies stay ahead of the competition by revealing future trends and helping hedge risks – here is how to get the most out of it

New workplace monitoring has to get workers’ consent

Monitoring employees

For workplace managers, there’s a new kid on the block – live monitoring of employee behaviour – but while this is aiding better office design, privacy implications are extensive

How digital is boosting the market research business

Digital market research

Big data surveys may be more lucrative in a flat market, but high-end qualitative research remains important to the industry

Is digital market research ever enough?

Times Square

From loyalty card data to online buying behaviour, Google searches to website clicks, the digital explosion is offering up vast amounts of information about consumers and voters

Making better decisions – Analytics and the use of data

Illustration of a brain puzzle

From manufacturing to the high street, data analytics is radically altering business strategy

Megatrends will impact supply chains

lorry for supply chain

If historical trends hold true, supply chains of the future will stem from major global shifts or megatrends, says PwC

Security analytics for cyber-fraud prevention

Businesses owe it to their customers to have the technical solutions to combat cyber attackers, says Darren Anstee, director of solutions architects at Arbor Networks

Selling via Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are powerful selling tools. Charles Orton-Jones knows how to get the most from them