How are millennial investment habits different?

Digital investment platforms are lowering the bar of entry for millennials and Generation Z investors, whose style of investing differs greatly from preceding cohorts

Brexit’s impact on alternative investment funds

With the UK’s exit from the European Union still unsettled, the impact on alternative investment funds is uncertain, amid the continuing rise of Luxembourg and Dublin

Enterprise is fulfilling government roles

Woman working in coffee production

As governments cut spending on welfare, and a range of social and environmental services, private enterprise is stepping in to fill the void left by the state

Investing in growth has never been easier

The rise of peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding has opened up opportunities for smaller investors to get a piece of the action alongside the big players

Investment outlook in 2015

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With the FTSE 100 share index hitting a new high, passing through the previous record set in December 1999, the outlook for investors looks promising after disappointing returns in 2014

Investing in the mid-market

Investors with giant sacks of cash are eagerly eyeing up growing businesses in the UK, as Dan Matthews reports

Escape velocity and company earnings

Escape velocity is the speed necessary to move away from a gravitational force without propulsion. In economic terms, this occurs when economies achieve at or above trend growth for successive quarters, without – or with less – government support. We believe that this is happening in the developed world, led by the United States, and perhaps the UK, and are positioning client portfolios to benefit, says Close Brothers Asset Management

In the running for cash listings

Raymond Snoddy talks to the Stock Exchange executive who knows how to fund growth through floating shares on public equity markets