Reaping the benefits of an alternative business structure

They are the new kids on the block, but so far the so-called alternative business structures, allowing involvement of non-lawyers, have yet to make their mark

Tech is driving force of legal shake-up

echnology is driving force of legal evolution

A seismic shake-up of the legal profession is altering the very structure of the traditional law practice

Tomorrow’s law firm - today

Science fiction, depicting the seemingly unstoppable advance of technology, has a habit of becoming science fact – and no one is beyond its orbit, not even practitioners of the law, writes James Dean

Law outsiders are on the inside

New ways of working and alternative business models are set to rock the legal world, as Neil Rose reports

Cyber security and innovation

Cyber security can drive innovation in legal services as well as protect professional privilege, says Timothy Hill, technology policy adviser at The Law Society of England and Wales