Exploring the dark side of frictionless shopping

Frictionless shopping

We are increasingly, and probably unconsciously, relying on algorithmic recommendations when shopping online. But when friction is completely removed, what is the impact on our emotional and cognitive relationships with the buying experience?

Finding love in cyberspace

aerial view of couple with coffees

The potential for machines to find a true love match is enough to make 21st-century online daters’ hearts flutter

Can computer algorithms select the best candidate?

Person in a dark room on a laptop

What are the pros and cons of taking the human element out of recruitment, and how successful has this been in using computers to recruit a more diverse workforce?

Algorithms are getting more powerful and persuasive

They are clever and influence our behaviour – now algorithms are getting smarter and more powerful

Algorithm for the masses

Facebook, Google and Amazon use algorithms to optimise their services – now a British pioneer is bringing algorithms to companies of all sizes

Silicon Valley meets Silverstone: Ensuring the security of your winning formula


Ensuring the security of sensitive data can be the split-second difference between winning and losing on the Formula 1 track

Placing our trust in the machines

A fridge that knows the use-by date of food and appliances which switch off to economise on electricity are just the start of an internet-like network of machines increasingly entrusted to make our decisions, writes Tom Brewster

Collaring the crooks

They are using technology to steal company money, but smart software in the right hands can catch the fraudsters out, writes Michael Dempsey