Airlines bid to keep skies open after Brexit

airlines British airways plane against grey clouds

UK airline chiefs are urging the government to avoid Brexit grounding the aviation industry with a “no-deal” outcome

The evolution of the jet

Najeeb Halaby Testing New Lockheed Jetstar

It’s been a long-haul trip of engineering and design innovation, but where is the evolution of the business jet heading?

Challenges facing the busiest airport in the world

The $32-billion project to expand Dubai’s second airport could make the Gulf state the most important international hub

The Gulf states may have more air passengers than anywhere else in the world, but they also have their problems

Is commercial supersonic flight again a possibility?

Next-generation aviation could be quieter supersonic jets or slower and cramped airliners where virtual reality headsets distract passengers from their discomfort

Business travel ready for change

Business air travel is at a key moment in its trajectory – and passengers can benefit from the changes underway

Keeping connected with a sky-high office

Turning a once unproductive journey into valuable office time is becoming a reality as more aircraft are equipped with reliable internet access

Aviation industry soaring into the future

The aviation industry is enjoying increasing demand, but from evermore discerning passengers, and amid competition from low-cost carriers and environmental regulation

Business aviation is ready for take-off

Business aviation is ready for take-off

The business aviation industry is emerging from the economic turbulence of the recession with new flyers, new business models and new technology