Tech the key to weathering future storms

As the Beast from the East gave way to an Indian summer, food producers must push to safeguard processes from the ravages of climate change

The future of farming: robots, bees and plant jacuzzis

The future of food production lies in our ability to exploit every resource at our disposal, from bots to bees

How tech and investment could help feed the many

Investment in improved supply chain management and precision farming techniques hold the key to banishing famine and malnutrition

Life-and-death struggle for energy efficiency

Child walking on cracked land in drought

In the tangled relationship with water resources and food production, energy efficiency is saving livelihoods and lives

AI promises a food revolution, from farm to supermarket

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Linking food and energy to save water

Amazon River

The interdependence of water, energy and food resources requires co-ordinated policies and improved management

The commercial potential of drones in 5 charts

Drones are set to improve business efficiency through the lowering of labour and service costs, and have the potential to deliver real-time data that could benefit every sector from the military to transport

5 sectors set to benefit from 5G

While people are only just getting to grips with the concept of 5G, never mind agreeing what it will actually mean when it arrives, there are some finger-in-the-air ideas being bandied about by the tech community