Creating leaders at every level

It is said that leadership is an attitude, management a position, so how can businesses encourage the attitude that any employee, including those outside the C-Suite, should consider themselves a 'leader'?

Why you should be focussing on “teamship”

Companies may focus on performancebased individual development for their staff, but agile structures require more teamwork. So why is “teamship” training not a key part of every organisation’s programme?

Should your organisation be embracing agility?

Implementing agile ways of working at scale is tough, and requires dynamic leaders and a corporate culture that embraces change

Supply chain agility is key for the future

goods on shelves in warehouse

Making a supply chain completely agile and adaptable is necessary in times of economic uncertainty and disruption, but this requires real-time visibility over a connected network of suppliers

5 reasons why agility fails in financial services

Achieving agility is difficult and there are lessons to be learnt. Here are five top reasons why agile projects in financial services risk failing

Business agility is fundamental to market resilience

Seizing opportunities in an increasingly uncertain world is the fuel to power growth and beat competitors to the pay-off

Staying agile is essential for business survival

In an ever-faster business world, organisations must stay agile, always ready to adapt to changing times and increasing demands

Sprints, scrums and kanban - your guide to agile

Aiming at getting faster results, agile business methods will also delight customers and allow staff to have more fun