Supply chain agility is key for the future

goods on shelves in warehouse

Making a supply chain completely agile and adaptable is necessary in times of economic uncertainty and disruption, but this requires real-time visibility over a connected network of suppliers

How agile businesses eliminate threats before they strike

Lego House the brand’s newly opened experience centre in Billund, Denmark aerial view

A truly agile business reads the market, makes pre-emptive strikes and celebrates an overriding purpose

Business agility is fundamental to market resilience

Seizing opportunities in an increasingly uncertain world is the fuel to power growth and beat competitors to the pay-off

The exciting impact of Pokémon Go’s big debut

The exciting impact of Pokémon Go’s big debut

It’s a stellar example of how a business can burst into the big time with one spectacular play

Brexit: What can we learn from the 2008 crash?


How Britain exiting the European Union will affect the economy is yet to be fully understood, but it is certain agile businesses that are fast to adapt will fare best

The big data revolution is the key to unlocking increased sales


Big data on customer behaviour and buying patterns can deliver business insights and a competitive edge

10 organisations that turned possible disaster into opportunity

Who says a crisis has to be a catastrophe? Sometimes it can be a springboard to reach new heights. Here are ten examples of how organisations faced major challenges and thrived

How big businesses can learn agile methodology from startups

Marriott’s Canvas Project funds innovative roomfilling concepts, such as the popup rooftop bar Notch at Marriott Park Lane - Newscast/UIG via Getty Images

Bigger enterprises need to learn from small startups and even steal their innovative agile methods to stay in contention