Pressure to look younger lifts skincare market

There is a natural synergy between skin-rejuvenating dermatology and anti-ageing skincare, writes Vicky Eldridge

Spotting why acne is spreading to later life

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Technology is key to unlock healthcare cost savings

As the UK population ages and more people live with illness, provision of healthcare must adapt to meet the new challenge, writes Lilian Anekwe

Taking control can help you stay fit and healthy

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Shape of technical things to come

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Looking at eHealth from a pan-European perspective

Paul Timmers, a director in the European Commission’s department responsible for managing the digital agenda, backs an open market for innovative eHealth and wellbeing products and services

Seeing problems in genes can prevent sight loss

Many eye conditions are now believed to have genetic links, so it’s important to keep your optometrist informed about eye health in your family, writes Yvonne Gordon

Disease devastates the elderly

Age-related macular degeneration, which destroys the central focus of vision, devastates sufferers’ lives and, as Lilian Anekwe reports, is best detected early