In the interests of the economy… and fairness

The UK’s lack of “disability know-how” is unfair and a brake on the economy, says Business Disability Forum’s Susan Scott-Parker

Avoiding risks to prevent stroke

Stroke is a largely preventable disease; its risk factors are well known and many are related to modern lifestyles, writes Victoria Lambert

Mind the skills gap…

The mining industry relies on a skilled workforce, but the adequate supply of suitable employees is a growing problem, as Kathryn Hopkins discovers

How to avoid hidden pension trap

Pension reform is underway, but it’s only the first step along a long road to securing a comfortable retirement, writes Pádraig Floyd

Pensions: fifth global challenge

As custodians of the planet, there are five challenges we need to deal with urgently or we will face dire consequences for generations to come, says technology and financial services entrepreneur Dawid Konotey-Ahulu

Skincare market looking good despite economic gloom

The UK dermatology market continues to grow, despite the economic slowdown, as more people than ever are opting to visit a dermatologist about their skin concerns, writes Catherine Quinn

DIY dermatology boosted by tightened budgets

Popularity of at-home skin rejuvenation devices, which offer a cheaper alternative to clinic treatments, has been lifted in the current economic climate, as Vicky Eldridge reports

Pressure to look younger lifts skincare market

There is a natural synergy between skin-rejuvenating dermatology and anti-ageing skincare, writes Vicky Eldridge