Are cities ready for new demographics?

Headline global statistics highlighting growing urban populations mask slowing rates of growth in some developed countries and many cities remain woefully underprepared for the unprecedented demographic shifts underway

We’re living much longer, but are we healthier?

Increases in life expectancy will put unprecedented pressure on our healthcare systems. Exploring the science of ageing and our understanding of co-morbidities will be crucial in tackling this ‘longevity trap’

Integrated care is the future, says NHS England chair

Lord Prior, NHS England chairman

Chair of NHS England Lord Prior tells of his determination to transform the health service as a power for good in an increasingly ailing society

What does it mean to “unretire”?

Businesses should adapt and tap the experienced talent pool of older people who are increasingly working past retirement age

Sight loss a growing problem for ageing populations

Our ageing population is driving a rise in age-related macular degeneration, and there is a race against time to find new treatments

Preventative healthcare and tackling challenges of an ageing population

Elderly woman's hands in lap

As the UK population ages, the need for preventative healthcare and societal change has become immediate

Help for people living longer with dementia

Memory walk

The increase of dementia among the UK’s ageing population calls for urgent action to avoid the health service being overwhelmed by elderly sufferers

A glimpse of the future of human resources

co-working space

Fasten your seatbelts, the future is coming and it represents both risk and opportunity for those in human resources