Feeling the pain of an opioid crisis

Prescription and illegal painkillers are wreaking havoc in the United States, so how can the UK avoid an escalating opioid crisis?

For the love of charlie…

Cocaine addict

Raconteur considers the range of treatments available for psychological dependency

E-cigarettes sparking controversy

Since their emergence around five years ago, the rapid expansion of e-cigarettes has provoked controversy, and challenged the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries alike, writes Simon Brooke

New ‘cig’ on the block

Both the traditional tobacco sector and the smoking cessation market are being challenged by the e-cigarette, while regulators are struggling to define this fast growing new product and develop controls, as Simon Brooke discovers

Tradition and a brave new world

E-cigarettes have offered those who want to give up conventional cigarettes an alternative to nicotine replace therapy, writes Katie Burnetts

But is it as good as the real thing?

A convenient, healthier alternative to tobacco? Or a new-fangled instrument of torture? Journalist Nick Lezard, followed by actor Ade, describe their very different experiences of e-cigarettes

At the vanguard of ‘vaping’

Ellie Mae O'Hagan talks to Katherine Devlin, founder of the e-cigarettes trade body ECITA, about regulations, health risks and pizza-flavoured “vaping”

Safer than smoking but questions remain

Brad Rodu, professor of medicine at the University of Louisville, who researches tobacco harm reduction, says e-cigarettes should not be banned