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From expansive artificial intelligence programming to nano-engineering, dermatology is at the cutting edge of the digital health revolution

How 3D printing is reshaping global production

As dark clouds gather over the global economy, manufacturers find themselves in the crosshairs

Making millions of objects once

3D printing offers manufacturers an innovative means of creating high-volume, low-cost personalised products, writes Mike Scott

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Printing the future

Ask most people what they think of when they hear the term “additive manufacturing” and, if they think of anything at all, it will probably be a 3D-printed plastic curio from a digital design, says David Wimpenny, chief technologist at the Manufacturing Technology Centre

The 3D shapie: a great business opportunity

From politicians to pop stars, astronauts to the Pope, selfies are everyone’s favourite social media calling card. But already they are being overtaken by something better – the shapie

At the forefront of reshaping an industy

Industrial 3D printing, pioneered by EOS GmbH Electro Optical Systems, is transforming the way major companies make things