3D visualisation is route to efficient design

Traditionally, businesses have produced advanced prototypes to test and trained staff in real environments, but now the advent of 3D visualisation technology enables them to do so more effectively, quickly and at low cost

Affordable 3D 360-degree VR

VUZE, the new easy-to-use 3D 360-degree virtual reality camera supported by sophisticated software, is opening up the market

Top 5 technologies changing work

Google Glass

Staying ahead of the curve isn’t just the best way to avoid wiping out as a surfer – it helps companies avoid a similar fate. Stephen Armstrong flags up five key future technologies, as identified by business analysts Gartner at their annual forecasting symposium in Orlando earlier this month. How you use them is up to you…

Take a walk on the virtual side

Virtual reality and advanced visualisation, using high-powered computers, is revolutionising product development, writes Malcolm Wheatley

Virtually a better way of marketing?

Special effects add to the impact of an event which no longer has to be confined to the conference hall, writes Clare Gascoigne

Virtually plain sailing

3D computer models and composite materials are a winning combination for UK firm, writes Lindsay Clark

3D printing is rewriting the manufacturing manual

It sounds like Star Trek, but is already reality and, as Tom Moore discovers, a new manufacturing technique could soon revolutionise production

Pepper’s Ghost, Star Wars, Twitter and Facebook

Stephen Armstrong sees “ghostly” images that aren’t really in the room and explains that this is the future of business events