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Supply Chain Strategies

Feb, 2018

Fears of US-China tensions escalating into a trade war could result in repercussions on global supply chains. This and other issues are covered in the Supply Chain Strategies special report, published in The Times, which also investigates the development of drone technology, and how blockchain is poised to increase security and transform outdated methods of tracking and authenticating goods. In addition, the report looks at the need to commit to long-term sustainability in supply chains, complications of a proposed tax on robots, as well as how 3D printing is revolutionising speed and quality for manufacturers while providing significant cost-savings


Home deliveries by drone are no longer science fiction, with logistics and retail companies such as Amazon and UPS investing, and exploring ways to ramp up and roll out the technology. While the consumer benefit is obvious – faster deliveries at a fraction of the cost – the opportunities for business are also huge. Regulatory hurdles still have to be overcome, but the technology is ready and could be coming to a doorstep near you soon