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The fundamental relationship between the insurer and insured is changing. Insurers now need to build a partnership with their clients rather than popping up once a year, and digital transformation is vital to achieve this. So, what will the truly transformed insurer of the future look like?

In our roundtable, sponsored by ServiceNow, four industry experts explore the challenges – technological, cultural, structural and ethical – that insurers face today and tomorrow.

What does true digital transformation look like in insurance?

  • How do you manage the challenge of a non-linear customer journey?
  • Are insurers still siloed and how do they address this challenge? 
  • What customer needs are driving digital transformation?

Meeting the data challenge in insurance

  • What is a data-led culture and how do you build one?
  • How far can data feed automation to help improve processes as well as customer outcomes?

What does the true value-added, personalised journey look like?

  • How close is one-click insurance and can that simplicity really be retained across the journey?
  • How can insurers use digital tools to partner with and not just provide for the policyholder?


James Barnard

CIO, Aviva tech shared services and divestments

Anita Fernqvist

UK chief data officer and director of operations, Zurich Insurance

Chirag Jindal

Head of insurance, Americas, ServiceNow

Roland Scharrer

Group chief data and emerging technology officer, AXA