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Over just the past few years, sustainable business has progressed from something that is unusual, to something expected, to now an integral part of business operations. Companies around the world are considering the impact they have on on their environment and communities. With COP26 beginning on 1 November, global sustainability leaders met to discuss the value sustainability strategies can bring to corporate resilience.

In our roundtable, sponsored by DuPont Sustainable Solutions, sustainability leaders from Deutsche Bahn, Pernod Ricard and Vestas examine the ways in which sustainability is being better integrated into the corporate agenda. 

Deriving ongoing value from sustainable business 

  • Developing corporate sustainability strategy
  • Leading the way in global sustainability practice
  • KPIs and measuring success 
  • The future of corporate sustainability


Lisa Malmquist Ekstrand

Senior director – head of sustainability, Vestas

Andreas Gehlhaar

Head of sustainability & environment, Deutsche Bahn

Davide Vassallo

Chief executive officer, DuPont Sustainable Solutions

Vanessa Wright

Chief sustainability officer, Pernod Ricard