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A roundtable of influential senior marketing industry leaders discuss how they are striding into the post-pandemic era, empowered by savvy data use and working with tech partners on their own terms

In our series of roundtables, promoted by Wunderkind, marketing leaders discuss the challenges facing customer-brand relationships and explore the opportunities offered by data-driven digital marketing strategies.

Listening closely to customer communities

  • How can brands take better ownership of their customer relationships?
  • What is the strategic value of D2C channels?
  • Marketing data and tech can be simple and efficient.

Aligning marketing decisions to business strategy

  • How marketing technology is evolving along with key platforms.
  • What role should big tech play with brands?
  • How can customer communities be harnessed to drive brand value?

Delivering brand value through digital marketing

  • How does customer experience influence long-term brand success and loyalty?
  • How can marketers prove their long-term value?
  • What role can insights play in delivering excellent brand strategies?


Wulfric Light-Wilkinson

General manager, EMEA, Wunderkind

Noel Mack

Chief brand officer, Gymshark

Kenyatte Nelson

Chief brand officer, N Brown

Katherine Paterson

Customer & e-commerce director, Hobbycraft

Gareth Rees-John

Chief digital officer, Kurt Geiger