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Businesses are trying to become more agile, empower themselves with vast amounts of actionable data, while consolidating and rationalising their IT infrastructure. All of these manoeuvres, which are happening at once, are putting extraordinary pressures on the technical C-suite and their teams – making operational resilience a hot topic

Operational resilience is key to success in digital transformation. Speakers from BAE Systems, Deustche Telekom, Fifa, Fujitsu, Hitachi Capital, NHS Digital, Novartis, Philips, Rabobank Group and Splunk shared their experiences with organisational change at a recent roundtable.

Complexity, innovation and managing risk

Digitisation has resulted in increased risk, increased speed and increased complexity. What is best practice in operational resilience? How can companies mitigate risks while remaining agile and open to change?


Sandra Bell

Group head of organisational resilience, Hitachi Capital (UK)

Tommy Flynn

Chief operating officer wholesale & rural, Rabobank Group

Mary Haigh

CISO, BAE Systems

Kimberly Morris

Chief people, technology & operations officer, Fifa

Amit Nastik

Global head, strategy & operations and local markets manufacturing, Novartis

Shez Partovi

Chief innovation & strategy officer, Philips

Mark Reynolds

CTO, NHS Digital

Gissur Simonarson

Senior domain architect, Fujitsu

Nils Stamm

Chief digital officer, Deutsche Telekom

Mark Woods

Chief technical advisor, Splunk