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Procurement and supply professionals examine human capital, modern slavery and the hidden risks in the supply chain

Has there been a turning point in modern slavery and exploitative labour practices in the supply chain? How can companies address the risk factors throughout the supply chain? Is transparency improving with suppliers? Experts discuss these and other topics in a conversation around the hidden costs within the supply chain.

Avoiding the exploitation of human capital in supply chain management

Transparency remains a challenge in supply chain management, particularly beyond tier one or two suppliers. This conversation explores how companies can best manage risks within procurement and address the hidden costs within the supply chain.


Brian Webb

Chief procurement and supply officer, Rentokil Initial

Emma Goodwin

Head of procurement and supplier management, Wesleyan Assurance Society

John Adams

Group procurement director, Barratt Developments

Jonathan McLean

Divisional supply chain director, Weir Minerals

Mike Ford

Global lead for environment, health, safety and sustainability, Avetta