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An international roundtable of C-suite thought leaders at global companies discuss how they are meeting the challenge of driving ESG criteria through the supply chain in pursuit of sustainability goals, including net zero targets.

In our roundtable, sponsored by Navex Global, supply chain leaders from Adecco Group, Castolin Eutectic, Hermes, Novartis and SAP discuss the ways in which supply chains are improving their ESG credentials.

Futuregazing: ESG success for supply chains in the future 

  • E, S and G in supply chain management
  • Visibility throughout the supply chain
  • Ethical operations, regulations and partnerships 
  • Processes and systems regarding supply chain sustainability


Karen Alonardo

Vice president of ESG solutions, Navex Global

Patrick Fetzer

President & CEO, Castolin Eutectic

Nancy Hobhouse

Head of ESG, Hermes

Richard Howells

Vice president, solution management for digital supply chain, SAP

Karin Reiter

 Global head of ESG & sustainability, Adecco Group

Emir Sassi

 Global head of procurement sustainability, Novartis