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After 2020’s ‘shipageddon,’ when 81% of consumers had a bad delivery experience thanks to overwhelming volumes of online orders, ecommerce peak volumes in 2021 are set to soar to even greater heights

In this roundtable, supported by Metapack, customer experience and marketing experts from the UK’s leading consumer brands - including Lush, Brewdog and Graham & Brown - discuss the value that can be found in the ecommerce and delivery experience.

Delivery, on time

  • Customer retention strategies
  • Delivering in the peak season 
  • Working with partners to ensure speed and good service

Crafting a differentiated ecommerce experience

  • Beyond function, when is ecommerce an experience in its own right?
  • Cost considerations and how to make ecommerce efficient

Ensuring brand consistency across digital and physical touchpoints

  • Balancing the needs of customers in person and online
  • Innovations in ecommerce, delivery and experience
  • How can customer engagement improve through excellent online experiences?


Jan Bartczak

Head of ecommerce, Graham & Brown

Nicole Belling

Head of ecommerce, Lush

Duncan Licence

VP of global product, Metapack

Tom Reding

Group digital director, Brewdog