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There have never been more opportunities to connect with customers, nor data to fuel those interactions. But are these valuable resources being used in the most effective way?

How has the role of brands changed since the pandemic? At what point does showcasing ESG initiatives risk being seen as ‘wokevertising’? How can CMOs answer the increasing demand for end-to-end experiences? Are we using data in the right way to connect with customers, without being intrusive or exclusionary? A virtual roundtable of five experts discuss these, and other topics, in a three-part conversation around how to create truly customer-centric marketing.

How brands can add value outside their core offering

  • Coca-Cola on when brands should stay silent and focus on helping behind the scenes
  • UBS on how to build trust by overdelivering on consumer expectations
  • Zalando on why marketers are perfectly placed to drive societal change
  • Kraft Heinz on the importance of adding value beyond your brand’s core experience
  • Acxiom on how the pandemic has proven the power of marketers in effecting change

Creating experiences to acquire lifelong customers

  • Coca-Cola on why marketers must challenge their convictions
  • UBS on making consumers realise your brand will make a difference to them
  • Zalando on how to surprise and delight with personalised experiences
  • Kraft Heinz on how it developed its successful new D2C channel
  • Acxiom on the challenge of acquiring new customers without access to data

Inclusive targeting and avoiding the risk of data ‘stalking’

  • How Coca-Cola is enhancing D&I within its data
  • UBS on why brand building can sometimes be the art of saying no
  • Zalando on how it avoids making assumptions about its customers
  • Kraft Heinz on why brands shouldn’t hold the mirror up too closely to their audience
  • Why Acxiom’s experience of D&I has meant focusing on doing the right thing over bottom-line benefits


Samantha Greenwoord

CMO and commercial director, Northern Europe, Kraft Heinz

Johan Jervoe

Group CMO, UBS

Jed Mole

CMO, Acxiom

Walter Susini

Senior VP of marketing, Europe, Coca-Cola

Natalie Wills

Director - social media and consumer PR, Zalando