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Sales Performance

Jun, 2020

Coronavirus has dramatically changed the landscape for salespeople, with challenges aplenty and new ways of working essential. Our Sales Performance report, published in The Times, explores what sales professionals can do to adapt, and how the companies they sell for can help. We investigate what effective sales leadership looks like in these challenging circumstances, and with meetings in person no longer an option, how sales leaders can ensure their teams make the most of the phone. With the role of field sales changing, what skills and traits will enable sales professionals to thrive? We also explore how the responsibility of sales can be shared across the company by exploring the concept of RevOps, which recognises that revenue is driven by a lot of different functions within an organisation. Finally, the featured infographic looks at the data behind the crisis and the biggest challenges sales professionals face in transitioning to remote sales.


The pandemic and subsequent lockdown has rattled sales methods and strategies for countless organisations, as clients continue to slash budgets and take financial precautions amid the worst economic crisis in generations. Salespeople have been left with no other option than to adapt.