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Future of Media & Entertainment

Dec, 2019

The streaming battle continues as new players are entering the fray, but what actually differentiates them? The Future of Media & Entertainment special report, published in The Times, explores why cutting through the crowded industry requires creativity and authenticity if brands want to engage with customers in a meaningful way. In an interview with Sir Martin Sorrell, he shares the lessons of digital disruption from his latest media venture where digital is dominant. It examines how 5G will change the sporting experience, the pull of video advertising for B2B marketing, and why gaming developers are under pressure to create more realistic experiences for games by tackling social issues, sexism, and mental health. Finally, the featured infographic focuses on gender inequality in film and TV and how it has barely changed over the past decade.


Sadly it is a truism that gender inequality is still rife across the movie business. The number of female leads in film and TV has risen over the past decade, but the proportion of total characters that are women has barely changed, and things are little better behind the scenes. When female-led movies are proven to make more money than those that are not, it begs the question, will the status quo ever change?