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Legal Innovation

Feb, 2018

Technology is revolutionising the legal sector. From artificial intelligence lowering costs, to blockchain providing data security, the industry is ripe for disruption. The Legal Innovation special report, published in The Times, looks into a plethora of issues affecting the global rule of law, tackling environmental infringements across Europe, the talent crisis caused by non-traditional competition, threats posed by populist politicians and issues of gender imbalance within the sector. Also featured are an infographic detailing the rise of cybersecurity on the agenda of law firms and the need to face the taboo of mental health in the workplace


Recent high-profile hacks have pushed cybersecurity towards the top of the agenda for law firms, which represent a honeypot of confidential information for hackers to exploit. This infographic explores some of the notable hacks of recent years, the biggest vulnerabilities for firms, and the extent of leaked legal documents on the dark web