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Legal Innovation

Mar, 2017
Law firms are finally embracing modernisation and preparing the next generation of lawyers for the digital age. The Legal Innovation special report, published in The Times, reveals how law firms are under increased pressure to keep up with the latest tech innovations. The report tracks the strategic use of artificial intelligence within legal services, the rise of the online courtroom and asks are we about to see more UK-US mergers?


The law should theoretically apply equally to all, rulers and ruled alike. World Justice Project’s annual Rule of Law Index ranks 113 nations’ adherence to eight dimensions of the rule of law, measuring factors such as levels of corruption  and regulatory enforcement of government powers and fundamental rights. All countries are given an overall score on a scale of zero to one.  The research, published last October, surveyed the general public, and national practitioners and academics, with expertise in civil and commercial law, criminal justice, labour law and public health. This infographic displays the findings