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Intellectual Property

Feb, 2020

28 per cent of IP, cyber and risk professionals say their company has experienced a material IP incident over the past two years, so why aren’t companies prioritising and protecting IP from the get-go? Our intellectual Property special report, published in The Times, explores the pivotal steps throughout the product development cycle needed to protect your tangible and intangible assets. It also examines the first patents to list an artificial intelligence as the the inventors. Also featured is an infographic on  the value of intangible assets in comparison to tangible assets.


Tangible assets are easy to value. They’re typically physical assets with finite monetary values, but over the years have become a smaller part of a company’s total worth. As technology disruption continues, and organisations increasingly rely on emerging developments in artificial intelligence, robotics and cloud computing, intangible assets have grown to represent the lion’s share of corporate valuations. But without a physical form and the ability to easily convert them into cash, working out what these assets are truly worth can be challenging