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The Insight Economy

May, 2017

Digital data is offering brands, organisations and political parties more information than ever, but can the insights gleaned by technology outweigh those gathered in face-to-face conversations? The Insight Economy special report, published in The Times, seeks to answer this question, and covers the recent inaccuracy in political polls, European Union data regulation that will govern the UK despite Brexit and how smart machines are collecting consumer data. In addition, the report features an infographic tracking the history of political polling in the UK ahead of the forthcoming general election


Measuring the level of political engagement across a nation is a fundamental source of information and insight for any parliament. It is key to understanding why people show up to vote and, just as importantly, why many of the public still don’t. The EU referendum last June saw 72 per cent of the eligible population cast their ballot, the highest recorded turnout since 1992. But while engagement has improved, this infographic shows public opinion about politics in the UK still shows some discontent and, perhaps more worryingly, a general sense of indifference