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Going Global

Nov, 2016

Brexit is expected to make it more difficult for British businesses to "go global". A new trade deal with the EU could mean World Trade Organization import and export tariffs as well as customs certifications are placed on goods and services.

This Special Report covers:

  • The post-referendum trading landscape
  • The impact of the pound’s plunge on business
  • The growing importance of e-commerce
  • How Estonia could save UK companies from Brexit-doom
  • Five supply chain management tips
  • Business manners across the globe
  • Corporate tax havens


Corporate income tax rates differ widely across the world, from 55 per cent in the United Arab Emirates to just 7.5 per cent in Uzbekistan, while 14 countries – mostly small islands – charge no general corporate tax at all. This infographic from the Going Global Special Report highlights these tax havens and the ten countries with the highest and lowest corporate tax rates, with the accompanying levies charged on the individual incomes of the highest earners