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Future Workplace

Apr, 2019

What does the future workplace look like? Without having reached a complete consensus, experts believe it will be smarter, greener and more efficient. The Future Workplace special report, published in The Times, explores the benefits of a biophilic office, the need for dedicated learning spaces, and how setting up shop in a tech hub can give your startup a leg up. It covers how to tackle freelancer isolation and asks whether, in the era of messaging and collaboration apps, the desk phone is dead. Also featured is comment on how innovative tech can improve the life of the workforce and an infographic on how we can learn to work better together, in a time where we have five generations in the workforce


We are living longer and retiring later, which means that up to five generations of employees now have to learn how to work together under one roof. In most workplaces, this is realistically limited to four generations, with people born shortly after the Second World War having to adapt to the working styles of their digitally savvy colleagues, and those younger employees having to respect the experience and traditional ways of working of their older peers. But how do working patterns of these very distinct generations differ and how are businesses adapting to this new norm?