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Future-proofing Procurement

Jul, 2017

The Future-proofing Procurement special report, published in The Times, investigates how Brexit is already hitting the sector, why companies need diverse supply chains, and how organisations are beginning to utilise automation to increase efficiency and cut costs. In addition, the report looks at the environmental and social impact of supply chains, and examines tech mineral mining in conflict zones


Despite vast improvements in the global fight against modernday slavery over the past decade, more than 45 million people remain victims of forced labour worldwide, with 58 per cent of those from five countries alone. While government intervention can have the biggest immediate impact, businesses have their own role to play. Ensuring transparency and accountability across globalised supply chains – from direct providers to indirect third-party sourcing – is key, and the procurement function is pivotal to not only safeguarding firms from big fines, but helping nations eradicate modern slavery once and for all