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The Future Pharmacy

May, 2019

The role of the pharmacist can be traced back to the Middle Ages, but their reach and responsibility has changed significantly, particularly throughout the twentieth century. The Future Pharmacy special report, published in The Times, covers the issues facing pharmacists today. It charts the rise of online pharmacies and their impact on the healthcare sector and examines the innovations changing pharmaceutical supply chains. It explores what can be done to tackle medication non-adherence and how robotics and automation can make dispensing quicker and more efficient, freeing up pharmacists’ time. Also featured is an infographic following the history of the modern pharmacy


Ever since the Middle Ages, there has been a distinction between the roles of the physician and herbalist, but the modern history of pharmacies as we know them today started around the mid-20th century. This timeline explores the evolution of the UK pharmacy in modern history and the key milestones that transformed the industry.