Future of HR 2019
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Future of HR

Oct, 2019

As recognition of HR continues to grow, could be taking on too much? The Future of HR special report, published in The Times, examines how HR is shaping corporate purpose, different ways to analyse employee data without compromising trust, and the importance of journey mapping. It also explores why embracing a neurodiverse talent pool is best for your business and the need to tackle name bias head on. Finally, it features an infographic focusing on the evolving role of the CHRO and what their position is in the business.


The role of the CHRO is changing. As the remit of HR leaders expands beyond recruitment and employee engagement, to digital transformation, driving productivity, and more, their position is no longer one which can be overlooked. With a seat on the board and the CEO’s ear, the CHRO is becoming an increasingly vital member of the C-suite, one who will need a diverse set of skills for business to thrive