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Future of Healthcare

Jun, 2019

Over half of all UK physicians believe artificial intelligence will be a common healthcare tool over the next decade. The Future of Healthcare special report, published in The Times, covers the fundamental part digital technology will play in diagnosis, medication adherence, and patient care. It explores the impact a lack of scope in clinical trials has had on women and various ethic groups, examines the call for better mental health services, and questions why doctors are still reluctant to prescribe cannabis, even post-legalisation. Also featured is an infographic on the impact of an ageing population and Lord Prior, the chairman of NHS England’s vision for the future of the NHS


The proportion of elderly people across the country will continue to swell as life expectancies rise, but the impact this will have on health services will be unprecedented. As seen in the following data, healthcare spending per capita rises sharply in older age as the number of people with more than one health condition (known as multiple comorbidities) expands.