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Future of Fintech

May, 2018

The financial technology sector generates £7 billion a year in the UK and employs some 60,000 people, but its continued success depends on access to the global market post-Brexit. The Future of Fintech special report, published in The Times, explores what opening up banking means for consumers, big banks and third parties. Also, as fintech companies bring financial services to local communities and finance opportunities for small businesses, the report looks at the challenges facing the sector, from regulation of cryptocurrencies to a shortage of talent. Also featured is an infographic detailing global fintech adoption and an article on how concerns over data privacy are affecting consumer buy-in to open banking


From mobile payments to investment apps, fintech adoption has rocketed in recent years as disruptive, customer-centric startups continue to shake up traditional financial services, with China and India leading the world in almost every category